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The Future of Podcast Guesting: A Conversation with Noemi Beres


In this episode of That Podcast Exchange, host Miko Santos interviews Noemi Beres from Podcast Connection. They discuss the importance of building genuine relationships in the podcasting world, both with hosts, guests, and the audience. Noemi Vares shares her expertise in helping entrepreneurs and business owners connect with qualified podcast shows to grow their businesses. Tune in for valuable insights on podcast management and networking strategies.

Building genuine relationships with hosts, guests, and the audience is a crucial aspect for podcast managers, as highlighted in the podcast episode featuring Noemi Beres. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing these relationships to create successful and engaging podcast episodes. Noemi mentions that as a podcast manager, it is essential to build authentic connections through meaningful conversations with people, thereby fostering a strong network within the podcasting community.

Additionally, Noemi stresses the significance of post-interview conversations or post-calls as a way to further develop relationships beyond the recording. These post-calls facilitate additional interactions between hosts, guests, and potential business partners or collaborators. By engaging in these post-interview conversations, podcast managers can deepen their connections with hosts and guests, leading to more meaningful and authentic podcast episodes.

Moreover, Noemi discusses the ethical considerations that podcast managers should keep in mind when selecting guests for their shows. It is crucial to vet potential guests to ensure alignment with the podcast's message and values. By conducting research on guests and participating in pre-interview calls, podcast managers can establish trust and understanding with their guests, resulting in more successful and impactful podcast episodes.

In conclusion, the episode underscores that building genuine relationships with hosts, guests, and the audience is not only vital for creating engaging podcast content but also for fostering a sense of community within the podcasting industry. By prioritizing these relationships, podcast managers can enhance the quality of their episodes and create a supportive network of individuals who share a passion for podcasting.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • [00:03:54] Podcast guesting is a service.

  • [00:08:23] Charging for podcast guesting.

  • [00:09:47] Building post-interview relationships.

  • [00:15:58] AI impact on podcast guesting.

About the Guest

Noemi Beres, the guest speaker in this podcast episode, is a seasoned entrepreneur and podcast guest expert with a wealth of experience in the online marketing industry. With a career spanning over a decade, Noemi has honed her skills in content creation, social media marketing, and blog writing, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the field.

Having started her entrepreneurial journey in 2007, Noemi navigated the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing, adapting to challenges and seizing opportunities along the way. When the global pandemic hit in 2020, she demonstrated resilience and innovation by pivoting her business model to focus on podcast booking agency services. This strategic move not only showcased her adaptability but also positioned her as a trailblazer in the podcasting industry.

Noemi's dedication to helping entrepreneurs and business owners enrich their lives through connection and knowledge sharing is evident in her work with Podcast Connection. As the founder of this agency, she has facilitated meaningful conversations between guests and hosts, fostering genuine relationships that transcend the digital realm.

With a master's degree in Danish literature and language, Noemi brings a unique perspective to her work as a linguist, content creator, and master organizer. Her multifaceted background underscores her commitment to excellence and her ability to communicate effectively across diverse platforms.

Noemi's ethos revolves around the power of authentic storytelling and the importance of building genuine connections in the digital age. She believes in the transformative potential of podcasting as a dynamic platform for meaningful conversations and valuable insights. By prioritizing relationships with hosts, guests, and audiences, Noemi exemplifies a collaborative and inclusive approach to podcast management.

As Noemi continues to scale her business and expand her global reach, her philosophy of fostering authentic connections and creating engaging content remains at the core of her work. With a keen eye for talent and a passion for storytelling, she is poised to shape the future of podcast guesting and elevate the industry to new heights.

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