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“The Amendment” Podcast From Wonder Media Network

“The Amendment” Podcast From Wonder Media Network

New York Times Critic Wesley Morris Reflects on this Year’s Oscars and What the Nominees Reveal about our Culture and Politics on “The Amendment” Podcast From Wonder Media Network

The newly launched news and politics podcast from The 19th News and Wonder Media Network is now hosted on Acast

Episode HERE

  • New York Times Critic at Large Wesley Morris and award-winning journalist and host of “The Amendment” Errin Haines dive into how the Oscars are political.

  • In this conversation, they analyze what this year's winners and nominees reveal about this cultural and political moment we're living in.

  • Wesley and Errin look at the year's top films with a gender and racial lens. They find that many of these films center white women on a journey to find themselves and reveal truths about feminism.

  • Wesley and Errin poke holes in these narratives and ask us to interrogate what roles the characters of color are playing for the white leads. Some examples:

    • They joke about how different Anatomy of a Fall would have looked had it centered a Black woman

    • The only character in Poor Things who gives Emma Stone's character pleasure at no cost to anyone is a Black woman.

  • Wesley and Errin remind us how Black women are frequently only recognized on the awards stage for roles that serve white people.

  • Welsey and Errin also take a moment to highlight films and actors that weren't nominated that deserve recognition

  • “The Amendment” is a new podcast about gender, politics and power from The 19th News and Wonder Media Network, hosted on Acast.