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🎙️ You Probably Think This Story’s About You

🎙️ You Probably Think This Story’s About You

Dating is hard, dating apps are harder! Finding love is scary, finding love after 40 is scarier! In the new Larj Media podcast, You Probably Think This Story's About You, hosted by Brittani Ard, takes listeners on a gripping journey through the eyes of women whose lives were forever altered by one man's deceit.

At the heart of the narrative lies Brittani's own quest for truth, as she grapples with the shocking realization of how deeply she was betrayed. Through poignant storytelling and introspective exploration, Britt delves into her own complex childhood, marked by addiction, sisterhood, and the profound family ties that shaped her identity.

When asked about why she is telling her story now, Britt shares, “I used to be the type of woman that didn’t ask for help out of fear of looking vulnerable or weak. Now I know that being vulnerable is the most courageous thing I can do. I’m human and I deserve to be cared for and loved in the same way I care for and love others. It has been truly amazing to see who in my life embraced this version of me and who stopped being a part of my life once I required them to fill my cup and not just drain it. It’s scary and lonely sometimes but I would never go back.”

With each episode, Britt’s powerful storytelling weaves a tapestry of resilience, empowerment, and the unwavering strength of the human spirit; including stories about her childhood spent protecting her younger sister from their mother's addiction, her experience becoming a mother at a young age, and the heartbreaking loss of her sister.

Through these flashbacks, woven into the present-day narrative, we witness the strength and resilience that define Brit's character. You Probably Think This Story's About You premieres everywhere on June 4, 2024.

More on Britt

Brittani Ard is a multifaceted individual whose diverse talents and passions have led her on a remarkable journey. As a builder, land use consultant, and architect, she brings creativity and expertise to every project she undertakes. Her keen eye for design and her dedication to density rich development have earned her recognition and respect in her field by everyone except the neighbors.

As a devoted mother of 5 (+1 bonus kid) and daughter, Brittani cherishes the moments spent with her family, fostering strong bonds and creating lasting memories. Her commitment to nurturing relationships extends beyond her immediate family. Always building a bigger table for anyone that she connects with.

Recently, Brittani has embarked on a new venture: starting a podcast. Through this platform, she aims to share insights, stories, and conversations that inspire and empower others to pursue their passions and live authentically. Having overcome their own personal struggles and challenges, she brings a unique blend of empathy and wisdom to her life. She believes that healing is not just about addressing physical ailments or emotional wounds, but about embracing the journey of self-awareness and empowerment.

More on You Probably Think This Story's About You

You Probably Think This Story's About Youis a riveting podcast series that takes listeners on a powerful journey of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. The show follows Brit, a woman who falls deeply in love with Kanon, only to uncover a shocking web of deceit that extends far beyond their relationship. As Brit searches for answers, she unravels the extent of Kanon's lies and the devastating impact he had on the lives of so many women.

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